An interactive story needs interactive characters. A good story needs lifelike characters. Lifelike interactive character needs Social AI.


Body language, personal space, gaze attraction, and territoriality are part of the interactive illusion of life.


In his book “Conducting Interaction: Patterns of behavior in focused encounters”, Adam Kendon presents the concept of F-formation to explain why people arrange in particular ways when engaged in social interactions.

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Albert Scheflen’s human territories.

Software Technology

The Impulsion Engine is a software platform developed to explore new concepts in social AI for lifelike interactive characters. We strive to improve virtual characters’ behaviors by making them act more realistically in social simulations. The platform represents a social AI engine that applies novel solutions to various types of interactive simulations and game environments.

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Behavior Trees for Social Territorial Intelligence

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Human Territoriality for the Next EVE ONLINE’s Socially Smart Characters

Adam Kendon’s F-formation.